Divine Foods

Divine Foods

Divine Foods is a deli and coffee shop that uses and sells organic and naturally produced products. Divine Foods also does catering and prepare 'dial-a-home cooked-meals'. Our purpose is to ensure optimal health through offering foods that are in harmony with nature.

We use whole food at its very freshest and seasonal best and where possible, we use organically grown food.

Divine Foods

Divine Foods was started in May 2006 by Sanet Brundyn and is on the corner of Andringa and Banhoek street Stellenbosch.

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"My motto in life is to use ingredients in food that have been carefully grown, and tends and tastes of where it's from. The food must be honest, simple and handmade. Firstly, we support local farmers and producers and use traditional cooking methods in our preparation. If you can't make it at home don't eat it!"

Sanet Brundyn

Divine Coffee Shop
Divine Foods Coffee Shop
Breakfasts, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches and other delicious meals. Cakes and other baked goods, smoothies and organic coffee.

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Divine Bakery
Divine Foods Coffee Shop
A variety of baked goods, cookies, biscuits, rusks and breads. Availability and prices are subject to season and to change without prior notice

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Divine Cakes & Tarts
Divine Cakes & Tarts
From a variety of cakes, tarts right through to a DIY sweet platter, all to enjoy in the coffee shop or for taking home.

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Divine Organic Products
Divine Organic Products
Pulses, Nuts, Rolled Oats, Basmati Rice, Rye, Millet, Seeds and Unsulphured Dried Fruits amongst others.

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Platters - Catering
Platters - Divine Foods Catering
All the platters are enough for 10-12 people. Availability and prices are subject to season and to change without prior notice. Sweet or meat, hot or cold or design your own platter.

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Quiches - Catering
Quiches - Divine Foods Catering
Divine quiches serves 6-8 people. Traditional, Mediteranean or typically South African or any other combination. Feel free to design your own.

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Dial-a-Home Cooked Meal
Home Cooked Meals
Lunch or dinner for your family or guests. Please place orders 24 hours in advance. Have your plate weighed; the price dictated by need or greed.

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Tuck Shop
Tuck Shop Menu
Divine Foods runs the tuck shop at Stellenbosch Primary School with great success and healthier alternatives.

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What's New/s
Tuck Shop Menu
Press Releases, New Products or just Current Healthy Info.

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"Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me."

Proverbs 30:8