Divine Foods Mission

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Divine Foods

Our passion is to prepare natural, nutritious, flavorsome and tasty food. We want to use food that is as close as possible to the product as it comes from nature. We use whole food at its very freshest and seasonal best and where possible, we use organically grown food.

We support the Slow Food movement. My motto in life is to use ingredients in food that have been carefully grown, and tends and tastes of where it's from. The food must be honest, simple and handmade. Firstly, we support local farmers and producers and use traditional cooking methods in our preparation. If you can't make it at home don't eat it!

"If something is allowed to ripen before it's harvested, prepared by hand using time-honored methods and enjoyed among friends, its slow food" - Carlos

The Divine Organics Range of Products title=

We work to preserve endangered foods, encourage bio-diversity, wage war on homogenization of food and support small-scale producers of ethnic and local products around the world.

We make provision for individuals with unique dietary needs. We stock non-allergenic and fat free foods. We prepare dishes with a low GI-index to help with weight management and conditions like diabetics and ADD, high cholestrol and better nutrition for peak physical performance.

"The future includes an intimate connection with the past" - Fulvio Marino