Dial a home cooked meal

Lunch or dinner for your family or guests. Please place orders 24 hours in advance. Have your plate weighed; the price dictated by need or greed.

Availability and prices are subject to season and to change without prior notice.

Order your home cooked meal at 021 886 9373 or 084 687 6604

Pasta of the Day
Pasta of the Day
Pasta of the day with the sauce of the day is a delicious vegetarian dish.
R 65.00/kg
Stuffed whole chicken
Stuffed whole chicken
R 85.00 ea
Leg of Lamb
Leg of Lamb
R 200.00
MEAT & FISH Price/kg
Bobotie R 75.00
Chicken pie R 95.00
Leg of lamb R 200.00
Stuffed whole chicken R 85.00 ea
Chicken whole or pieces with garlic, rosemary and lemon R 85.00
Chili con carne R 75.00
Lasagne R 85.00
Tuna lasagna R 65.00
Fish bobotie R 85.00
Fish Pie
Free range chicken fillet with tomato and herbs R 65.00
Shepherd's pie R 65.00
Lentil lasagna R 65.00
Whole stuffed fillet R 200.00
Stuffed sirloin steak R 165.00
Ostrich Bourguignonne R 120.00
Venison Pie R 120.00
Lamb kebabs R 200.00
Chicken kebabs R 85.00
Steak kebabs R 95.00
Oxtail in red wine R 115.00
Spare ribs R 95.00
Chicken schnitzel R 85.00
Chicken Cordon blue R 85.00
Beef crumbed tenderized steak R 95.00
Steamed vegetables in season R 45.00
Oven grilled vegetables R 45.00
Mediterranean vegetables R 55.00
Honey infused butternut R 55.00
Cauliflower with or without white sauce R 45.00
Broccoli with or without white sauce R 45.00
Sweet potatoes R 45.00
Steamed potatoes R 30.00
Couscous R 45.00
Brown rice R 45.00
Yellow rice R 45.00
White rice R 35.00
Basmati rice R 45.00
Rice and lentil curry R 65.00
Penne with butternut and ricotta R 70.00
Mash with spinach and feta R 45.00
Plain mash R 35.00
Potato salad R 45.00
Carrot salad R 30.00
Brown wild rice and lentils R 45.00
Butternut stuffed with green beans, feta and bacon R 65.00
Pampoentert R 50.00
SOUP OF THE DAY Price/litre
Butternut, Broccoli, Potato or Vegetable R 25.00