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Breakfast (...or any meal)

Sunrise Breakfast
2 poached eggs on grilled veggies, topped with chicken bacon. Drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. Served with home baked bread.
R 45.00

Natural Start

Home made raw organic muesli comprising of freshly rolled oat, millet and barley flakes, with raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit, served with natural live cultured yoghurt and honey.
R 33.00

Seed Loaf

Heavy seed loaf with cottage cheese, avo, poached egg and steamed fish with lemon juice and butter.
R 42.00

Porridge of the day

Maltabella, mealie meal or rolled oats served with seed and nut mixture and chopped dates, with honey.
R 30.00

Winelands Breakfast

Cheese omelette, boerewors, mushrooms and grilled tomato. Served with home baked bread and coffee / tea.
R 48.00

Bushveld Breakfast

Pork sausages with lentil and vegetable sauce served with fried egg and whole wheat bread. Home made lemon syrup.
R 45.00

Vintage Breakfast

Boerewors, bacon, 2 fried eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms served with toast and cheese / jam.
R 45.00

All-day Breakfast

2 slices of toast topped with chicken bacon, 2 fried eggs, avo and melted cheese. Served with fresh orange juice.
R 45.00

Boere Breakfast

A mug of moerkoffie and 4 rusks of your choice.
R 20.00
Be creative - design your own meal:
2 egg omelette with home baked bread
Description Price
Poached egg/ scrambled egg/ fried egg R 7.50
2 egg omelette R 18.00
3 egg omelette R 21.00
Fried tomato/ Fried Onion/ Seeds R 8.00
Bacon/ chicken livers (peri-peri)/ Boerewors/ Pork Sausage R 12.00
Grilled vegetables 100g R 12.00
Sauteed green peppers/ Chillies/ Peppadew/ Mushrooms R 10.00
Cheese/Avo/ Greens/ Fresh Tomato/Nuts R 10.00
Home baked bread/ Butter/ Jam/ Honey/ Anchovies/Marmite R 6.00
Gypsy beef, pastrami roast, black forest ham, pepper ham, rosemary ham, gypsy ham R 15.00
Smoke beef, salami superior, Spanish salami, serano proscuitto R 20.00


Thai Chicken
Thai Chicken Salad
Grilled free range chicken fillet with peanut sauce, bean sprouts, seed mix, served on a bed of salads.
R 43.00

Garden Salad

Lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, green pepper, avo, feta covered with organic seed mix. Served with grilled brioche.
R 42.00

Beef Fillet

Beef fillet grilled to perfection, served on oven roasted vegetables, shavings of parmesan cheese with green capsicum salsa.
R 52.00

Smoked Chicken Salad

Smoked chicken on salad greens, cherry tomatoes, fresch coriander, quail eggs and red onion. Served with a creamy garlic dressing.
R 52.00

Vegetable Salad

Oven grilled vegetables, garlic, sundried tomatoes, fried goats halloumi served on garden salad and roast almonds.
R 42.00

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit in season on a bed of greens with natural yoghurt.
R 42.00

Biltong Salad

Biltong, sun dried tomato, avocado, camembert served on garden salad with Hummus.
R 49.50

Delicious Deli Meals

Pasta of the Day
Fresh pasta served with the sauce of the day.
R 47.00
Cheese and cold meat platter
Divine Foods
A variety of cheeses, rosemary ham, Spanish salami & smoked beef from our deli, served with preserves, olives, dips and freshly baked bread.
R 69.00

Optional with above: Price
glass of organic white wine R 18.00
glass of organic red wine R 25.00
More delicious deli meals Price

Catch of the day

Fish and chips
R 45.00

Divine Foods Sampler Plate

Food from our deli to taste. It is a variety of foods in contrasting flavours, textures and colours.
1 serving R 45.00
2 servings R 80.00


Home baked savoury quiche and salad.
R 32.00


Soup of the day served with home made bread.
R 27.00


Divine burger
Divine burger
Pan-fried free range chicken fillet covered in crumbs with camembert, sundried tomato and avo on a ciabatta served with potato wedges or salad.
R 47.00

Burger Deluxe

Pure beef burger patty with bacon, 3 cheese melt & salsa Sauce. Served with potato wedges.
R 45.00

Salad burger

Grilled Chicken breast with salad and grilled veggies.
R 45.00

Beef burger

Pure beef burger (160g) with your choice of mushroom/ cheese/ pepper sauce, served with salad / chips.
R 45.00

Student Burger

Pure beef burger (120g) with a slice of tomato and cheese. Served with small chips.
R 35.00


Your choice of bread on display: fresh or toasted. We serve all the sandwiches with a side salad.

Cheese and tomato R 25.00
Bacon, feta and avo R 45.00
Smoked chicken, creamy mayo and apple. R 45.00
Parma ham, roasted red pepper and Emmenthaler R 45.00
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers R 45.00
3 Cheese melt R 40.00
Creamy mushrooms with garlic & herbs R 40.00
Peppadew, blue cheese and salad R 40.00
Chicken mayonnaise made with free range chicken. R 45.00


Pancake filled with chefs choice of the day.
Ask waitron
Pancakes served with grilled banana,
caramelized nuts and melted chocolate.
R 35.00
Pancakes with green figs in syrup and brie cheese
with a dash of creme fraiche.
R 35.00


Grilled chicken fillet, bacon, feta & avo
drizzled with a garlic pesto
R 47.00
Creamy mushrooms with chicken liver peri-peri R 47.00
Beef fillet with a tomato salsa in reduced red wine R 47.00
Spinach, feta butternut and roasted pine kernels R 47.00

Smoothies (meal in a glass)

Food for Thought Price

Wheat Grass Delight

Wheat grass, carrots, pure organic apple juice, ginger and natural live cultured yoghurt.
R 27.00

Berry Booster

3 x Berries, vanilla ice cream, yoghurt and honey.
R 27.00

Island Style

Banana, tropical fruit in season, natural live yoghurt and coconut.
R 27.00

Mocha Choc

Coffee, chocolate, vanilla ice cream and milk
R 25.00


Milkshakes in a variety of flavours
R 18.00
Use fresh fruit with vanilla ice cream for a healthier option. R 22.00

Thirst Quenchers

A jug of Divine Lemon Juice made of organic lemons. R 20.00
A selection of fresh juices, orange, mango orange, tropical mango, pine-apple, granadilla, guava (ask waitron) R 18.00
Strawberry, Cranberry or Wildberry juice. R 20.00
Fruit ice cream in a glass, freshly made with your choice of seasonal fruits. R 25.00
Organic ice tea R 16.00
Mineral water 500ml R 10.00
Mineral water 1l R 15.00
Tizers apple, grape R 15.00
Soda R 12.00
Hot Beverages
Selection of organic herbal rooibos teas R 10.00
Earl grey R 15.00
Rooibos / Ceylon R 10.00
Mug of Coffee R 18.00
Refill R 12.00
Organic Coffee R 16.00
Decaffeinated coffee R 16.00
*Cappuccino / Americano / Lungo R 16.00
* Mug cappuccino / Americano R 22.00
*Cafe Au Latte / Cafe mocha R 18.00
*Espresso single R 12.00
*Espresso Double R 16.00
For organic or decaffeinated of the above * add R1.00
Machine Coffee R 12.00
Refill R 10.00
Milo / Hot chocolate R 18.00
Organic hot chocolate R 18.00
Pukka Chai R 18.00
Cakes 'n Things

Cakes 'n Things

Selection of muffins (plain) big R 12.00
Muffin with jam and cheese R 18.00
Scone with jam and cream / cheese R 16.00
Croissant (chocolate, almonds or plain) R 18.00
A selection of cakes and tarts on display R 25.00

Our Liquor Selection

Beer / Ciders / Archers R 16.00
Choice of organic wines on display SQ

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